In Memoriam

We are sad to have lost volunteers so integral to our festival community since we were last able to gather in Gallagher Park. They will be missed.

Dick Au
2016-2019 Festival Liaison

Gil Carleton
1998-2019 Coordinator Site Environment

Patty Coates
2015-2018 Security – Beer Garden, Main Stage; Festival Kitchen Salads

Aileen Fontaine
1998 – 2016 Administration, Festival Support

Liz (Elizabeth) Holt
1998 – 2019 Box Office, Site Schlepper, Performer Hospitality

Bill May
1998 – 2019 Beer Garden

Brian Parsons
1999 – 2007 – Asst. Coordinator Instrument Lock up; Greetings

Tom (Charles) Picard
1998 – 2018 Festival Kitchen, Beer Garden

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