Media inquiries can be directed to

Working media must apply for accreditation by July 15, 2022. Request an accreditation form by emailing

Media accreditation will not be issued on site during the Festival.


Accreditation - Working media must apply for accreditation through the Festival office by July 19, 2019 — no exceptions. Media without accreditation will be denied access to the Festival site.
Media accreditation form is included in press kit or can be downloaded from the Accreditation page.

Media Services Crew - Media Services Crew members will facilitate on-site performer interviews, media conferences and respond to all media inquiries during the Festival.

Media Services Tent - Media Services Tent is located on the west side of Gallagher Park — corner of 96 Avenue and 95 Street. This is the ONLY entry point for media.


Thursday 2 p.m. — 10:30 p.m.
Friday 2 p.m. — 11:45 p.m.
Saturday 9 a.m. — 11:45 p.m.
Sunday 9 a.m. — 10:30 p.m.


Media Tent phone: 780-466-3344 - Access available only during Festival hours

Parking - No parking in the Cloverdale area — NO exceptions. Television broadcast media will have limited access to short-term parking during live feeds when arranged through Media Services. All other media vehicles may access the site ONLY to drop off equipment then park at an alternate site.

Site Access - Media has access to the festival site ONLY at the Media Tent. Media must show identification and sign in at the Media Tent.

Audio/Video Recording - All cameras must be clearly identified with media affiliation. Tape recorders may be used ONLY for interviews. Photographers are NOT allowed on the stages. Film and video cameras must be accompanied by a Media services Crew member at ALL times.
In most cases you may film a performer for only 30 seconds without his/her permission. Filming for more than 30 seconds requires the performer's written permission. Photographing performers may be done during the first THREE songs of any set.

Interviews/News Conferences - Interview requests for the festival weekend may be submitted to the festival office prior to the festival. Early interviews will be confirmed upon on-site registration. To request performer interviews on non-festival days dates contact the festival office at 780.429.1899. All other interview requests must be submitted to the Media Services Crew members during the festival. Interviews will be scheduled depending on performer availability. Media must check in regularly at the Media Services Tent to facilitate the scheduling of requested interviews.

Performer Biographical Material — Check the links to performer sites from the Performers page.

Wireless Internet - The Media Services Tent is equipped with a wireless router for wireless high speed transfer for media personnel.


To ensure an easy-going and productive weekend, please come prepared to:

  • Sign in daily.
    We want to accommodate any requested interviews. This is the only way for us to know you are on site and available to conduct any requested interviews.
  • Park only in designated areas.
    This is a security issue. Any vehicles — marked or unmarked — parked in non-designated areas will be towed.
  • Check back at the Media Services Tent.
    Throughout the day check for new information on interviews, media conferences, etc. Updates are frequent and this is one way to have the Media Services Crew help you secure an interview.
  • Leave your cellphone number at the Media Services Tent sign-in desk.
    This is the quickest way for the Media Services Crew to reach you if you request an interview.
  • Take your equipment and personal items when you leave the festival site.
    The Media Services Tent cannot be considered secure at all times during the festival. The Media Services Crew will not accept responsibility for any items left unattended.
  • Bring Your Own Re-usable Cups.
    To eliminate waste and the recycling of plastic bottles please provide your own re-usable mugs or bottles.
  • Make your requests early.
    Give the Media Services Crew as much advance notice as possible so we can arrange your requests.

For More Information

contact Kathy Morin, Festival Media Liason
(office) 780-429-1899
(mobile) (780) 909-5284

(fax) 780-424-1132