Accessibility, Health & Safety

The Edmonton Folk Music Festival endeavors to make a safe, welcoming and inclusive community for all. 



The Edmonton Folk Music Festival is held in Gallagher Park, an outdoor space that is shared with the City of Edmonton, Cloverdale Community League and the Edmonton Ski Club. 

We love our home in Gallagher Park, however, the large size, uneven terrain, and unpredictable Alberta weather can make navigating the site difficult for some of our patrons. Each year, our staff and volunteers come together to transform the park into the home of the festival for four days every August.

The Edmonton Folk Music Festival is dedicated to providing an equitable festival experience for all to the best of our ability. As we transform the park with no established buildings, running water or restrooms into a community with multiple stages, vendors, water stations, temporary tents and so much more, we recognize that we are restricted/limited to the amenities we can provide our volunteers and patrons.

In 2023, the EFMF invited accessibility consultants from Level Playing Field Inc. to facilitate an accessibility audit of the festival site and our website with the generous support of the Edmonton Arts Council. This audit provided us with a better understanding of areas that we can improve upon and aided us in creating a plan of how we can move forward in making the festival a more accessible environment over the next 5 years. Our initial focus will be improving festival signage and communication in 2024.

Below are some areas in the festival that offer accessibility support.


The Edmonton Folk Music Festival Society is committed to providing a safe space for all, including marginalized and vulnerable segments of our population. It aspires to put on a leading folk music festival while embracing a vision of inclusivity. The EFMFS will nurture safer spaces where all people regardless of age, race, ethnicity, sexual orientation, gender identity, gender expression, ability, socioeconomic status, religion, or other personal characteristics should feel safe, welcome, and valued.

Read our policy here.



We are dedicated to keeping our patrons, artists, volunteers, staff, and community-at-large safe. The Board of Directors adopted a dynamic pandemic policy in 2020 that will remain subject to change on an as needed basis. Current recommendations and resources can be found below.

What can I do to protect myself and my fellow folkies?

Outdoor events such as ours are considered very low risk for respiratory illness transmission, but there is a voluntary assumption of risk by anyone coming to our site as there is with every activity we choose to participate in.

  • use the AHS self assessment tool here to assess your risk and take precautions
  • please stay up to date with current AHS recommendations here
  • stay home if you are sick
  • be prepared and bring your own mask and sanitizer to the festival
  • handwashing/sanitizer stations can be found throughout the festival

We remain a mask friendly festival. We will always support all folks with whatever level of precaution they choose to take for themselves, and will not tolerate harassment of any kind.

Alberta Health Service Covid-19 information can be found here