About Us

Our Story

Beginning in 1980 with one staff and 300 volunteers, the Edmonton Folk Music Festival has grown and matured to become one of the leading folk festivals in the world. Now boasting a volunteer force of over 2000, the festival in a not-for-profit society dedicated to bringing in the best of folk music from around the world.

It's About the Music

The quality of the music and the depth of the performer lineup is the single greatest ingredient in our success. Terry Wickham, producer, selects artists within a broad musical mandate. Our vision is to continue to improve as a world-class folk music festival. At the same time, we work very hard to raise money through fund raising activities and through soliciting corporate sponsorships to keep ticket prices accessible for ordinary families.

2018 Festival Staff

BACK ROW, from left to right: Stéphane Levesque, Terry Wickham, Katie Sowden, Richard Stuart, Sam Watterworth, Geoff Frisby, Spencer Hein
MIDDLE/FRONT ROW, from left to right: Connie McCall, Dennis Franz, Marianne Stover, Jerome Lezama, Sarah Carlson, Lorie Miseck, Shauna Stewart, Marie Scarlett, Helen Stuart, Elka Eisenzimmer, Anne Wenschlag, Margaret Crowe, Claire Stewart
Glenda Dennis, Vicki Fannon, Jess Hart, Daniela Zenari, Matteo Zenari

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2018 EFMF Board

Back/Middle row, left to right:
Craig Moses, Carol Jones, Brad Odsen, Kathie Goertz Thompson, Andrew Currie
Front row, left to right:
Peter Guest, Chelsea Donelon, Gerrit Bjalek
Tami Romanchuk

For more information about Membership and board governance, visit our Society Membership page.