Crafts Artisans and Concession vendors are an important part of the Edmonton Folk Festival experience. We strive to have high quality and an interesting variety in our vendor areas.

Applications for the 2019 festival are available now.

Feed Folks (Food Concessions)

Food is a huge part of the folk fest experience. We love great food and are proud to offer festival goers a delicious variety food choices.  The deadline to apply is April 4th, 2019.

Booth locations available:

Main Line Food Village (approximately 22 vendors)

Traditionally these have been tent style booths, either 10 or 20 feet wide. We do incorporate some food trucks into this area as well. These vendors are open from gate opening each day until 11:00.

West End Vendor Area (approx. 5 spots)

Can accommodate both tent style and truck/trailers. Hours are slightly less – west end is not open Thursday night and closes at the start of main stage on the other three nights.

Beer Garden (2-3 spots)

These vendors usually serve on both the inside of the beer garden and to the outside. Open hours are the same as the Main Line.

Top of the Hill (1 – 2 spots)

These vendors see less traffic than the main line and fees are lower. They are open the same hours as Main Line.


The basic vendor fee is $3500.00 plus GST for a single, main line booth with a 10 foot frontage. Fees for other areas, and other sized booths will vary. (i.e. because the West End vendors are open for fewer hours, their fees are less.)

Services and Facilities:

Some services may vary with location. The festival provides electricity, fresh water into booths and various grey water disposal/drainage. We also provide space in a dry goods reefer and in a cooled reefer (not a freezer). A limited number of passes are allocated to vendors for staff.

The festival usually has exclusive providers for propane, bottled water, coffee or other supplies. All vendors must use these providers while on site.

All other equipment and materials are the responsibility of the vendor. (i.e. tent and floor, signage, sinks, food grade hoses, electrical distribution panels). Further details will be made available once the choices are made.

Environmental Policies:

All vendors are required to opt in to the festival’s plate program, and to purchase certified compostable serving-ware (cutlery, napkins, bowls etc).


The festival tries to offer a good mix of food types to our patrons. Menu is the first thing we look at. We also endeavor to have choices available for any special diets and to highlight local vendors and suppliers wherever possible. Other important factors include: experience, previous history at our event, overall menu balance festival-wide and the look of your concession.

2019 Conc App

Incomplete applications will not be considered.

If you have any further questions, please contact or call (780) 429-1899. More detailed information is available upon request and full details will be sent out with contracts once choices are made.

SELL CRAFTS (Artisan Market)

The Artisan Craft Market celebrates the long-standing history that arts and crafts share with folk music festivals. 

Criteria and Selection:

We are thrilled to feature artisans from across Canada whose work is truly hand-made! As anyone who has attended the summer festival knows, we select participants for the overall originality, aesthetics and quality of their work.

We are looking for a professionally presented application with some of your best samples or photos so that we can select a balanced group of artisans for the festival. Items must be created by the person applying. We encourage you to send samples as this is the best way to showcase your work to the jury. Digital images don’t show the quality and artisanship that goes into each piece!

Fees and Services:

The fee to participate is $400.00 + 20.00 GST. Fee includes: two passes to the festival, one parking pass, inclusion in promotional materials, overnight storage, and a 10’ x 10’ booth space. Additional passes for artisans or assistants are available for. Booth spaces provided are partitioned within larger tents, and include a ceiling, one tent side, and no floor. Materials for display and weatherproofing are your responsibility. Keep in mind that we are an outdoor event and may be impacted by weather.

Sale hours are 5:00 PM-8:00 PM Friday and 10:00 AM-8:00 PM Saturday and Sunday.

Applications must be submitted by March 28th and include:

  • Completed online application form.
  • Samples of your work. Limit samples to ten (10) items. Samples will be available for pick up after the adjudication. Materials will be returned only if return postage is provided. The EFMF assumes no responsibility for loss or damage to sample items.
  • You may also submit photos of your work within the application below.
  • Payment of $420.00 (includes GST) will be cashed only upon selection.
  • If you have any questions, please contact us at or (780)429-1899.

We look forward to receiving your application.


2019 Artisan Application