January 2024


Dear Concessionaire,



The Edmonton Folk Music Festival is gearing up for production and we are looking forward to working with some amazing vendors again this year. The 2024 festival will run August 8– 11 and we invite concessionaires to apply to participate.

The selection committee looks for well-organized vendors with high quality menus. We like to place an emphasis on locally sourced ingredients in addition to our usual criteria including prices, menu variety, power requirements, and proposed booth structure. Please indicate where you will be using locally sourced and/or organic foods. Food service experience is also important as this is a very high traffic festival and can get very busy for vendors. Be mindful that it is a juried process and quite competitive. Please read the application form very carefully – we are not able to accommodate or make exceptions to the parameters laid out. If you are not able to meet our requirements for booth size, electrical requirements, or fee structure, your application will not be considered. Past participation does not guarantee a place in the coming year.

Successful applicants must comply with Capital Health Authority and Emergency Response Department regulations, as well as any City of Edmonton vendor requirements. Participation in the festival’s environmental initiatives, including purchase of approved compostable supplies and participation in our reusable plate program, is also required. We are working on eliminating single use plastics on site, including bottled water and packaging. Details will be provided to successful applicants.


The application deadline for the 2024 festival is Friday March 15th at 5:00pm. Late applications will not be considered. We will be contacting concessionaires mid-April with final decisions. We do not require a deposit at the time of application. Successful applicants will receive a full information package and contract.  A damage deposit of $525 will be due on notification of participation, and full fees and contract will be due on June 21, 2024.


Be sure to fill out the application thoroughly and do not hesitate to add any additional information that you think may be useful.

If you have any questions about the application or selection process, please call Muffy McKay at 780-429-1899 or email communications@edmontonfolkfest.org.



Muffy McKay

Communications Manager/Vendor Relations communications@edmontonfolkfest.org

2024 Vendor Application


Deadline for submissions is Friday, March 15, 2024 5:00pm MST.

Please read carefully and ensure that the requested information and documents are included. Incomplete applications will not be considered.



Booth locations available:


Main Line Food Village: Tent style booths, either 10 or 20 feet wide. We do incorporate some food trucks into these areas as well if space is available. These vendors are open from gate opening each day until 11pm.

West End Vendor Areas: This area can accommodate both tent style and truck/trailers. Vendors are open Friday, Saturday and Sunday, with reduced hours of operation. Fee reflects reduced hours and available services.

Bar Service Area: 1 - 2 vendors are located near the Bar Service Area – we no longer have a gated Beer Garden. Tent and truck/trailers can be accommodated. Hours of operation are the same as the Main Line.

Top of Hill: 1-2 vendors are stationed inside the South entrance at the top of the hill in Gallagher Park. Vendors are open from gate opening each day until 11:00pm. Lower traffic during daytime hours in this area is reflected in a reduced fee.

Fees: The base vendor fee this year is $4000.00 plus GST for a single Main Line or Bar Area booth with a 10 foot frontage. Food trucks/trailers, and tents using the space of 2 or more booths will be charged for each 10 foot frontage used (for example a 20 foot trailer will be charged for 2 spaces). Extra frontage above the 10/20’ frontage is $200 per foot.

Fees for Top of Hill and West End Vendors is $2000.00 plus GST

Successful applicants will be required to pay an additional refundable deposit of $525 for cancellation or damages. This deposit will be returned within a month of the festival if no damages have been incurred.

Services and Facilities: Some services may vary with location. The festival provides electricity (40 amps per booth), fresh water into booths and grey water disposal/drainage. For the Top of Hill, West End, and Bar Area, vendors have fresh water tanks provided, but need grey water holding and be able to transport it for proper disposal.

Storage space in a cooled reefer (not a freezer) is available.

A limited number of festival access passes are allocated to vendors for staff.

The festival may have exclusive providers for propane, water, coffee or other supplies. All vendors must use these providers while on site.

All other equipment and materials are the responsibility of the vendor and must adhere to AHS and Fire Dept standards (i.e. tent and floor, signage, sinks, food grade hoses, electrical distribution panels). Further details will be made available to successful applicants.

Environmental Policies: All vendors are required to use our reusable plate program if implemented, and certified compostable serving ware, including cups, cutlery, napkins, etc. If we don’t implement the reusable plate program this year, all plates and containers must be compostable.

Recycling bins will be provided for cardboard, and we encourage vendors to gather and recycle plastics and other recyclables as much as possible, as well as make use of compost bins for food waste, etc.

Single use plastics are restricted on site, including bottled water and plastic packaging. Details will be provided to successful vendors in the contract and Concessions Guide.

Selections: The festival strives to offer a good mix of menu types to our patrons. Menu is the first consideration, with quality and variety being crucial. Other important factors include power requirements, experience, previous history at our event, overall menu balance festival-wide and the footprint and structure of your concession.



Please complete each section of the application. Incomplete applications will not be considered.



Company Name:                                                                                      Company gst #:          

Contact name:                                                                                      

Mailing Address:                                                                                    

City:                             Province:        Postal Code:                 


Daytime contact number:                                                                                                                                                            Alternate phone number:                                                                         Email:               Company website:                                                                                                              

Social media (Instagram/Facebook/Twitter):                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      

1)  List and describe ALL menu items (food and drink) you would like to sell, and the corresponding price for each. ONLY the  items listed here will be approved for sale unless other arrangements are made.  Glass and plastic bottles and containers are not permitted.

Please feel free to attach photos of menu items.


Menu Item






Gluten Free



























































2.) List a breakdown of all electrical appliances you will be using and list accurate power ratings in Watts, with voltage used (see table below). This would include every kettle, fan, cash register, etc. regardless of how small, we need to know the total amount of power you require. Check the bottom or back of appliances for rating. The maximum power available per concessionaire is 40 Amps – we’ll convert the total from the list below. We are not able to make accommodations outside of these specifications.

Concessionaires are required to provide their own distribution panels within their booth.


The festival will supply a max of 40amps at 120/240V to each booth. Our panels use a L14-50R (California twist-lock) receptacle. Vendors will need a minimum #6 cable, and any adaptors if applicable. Our electricians are not able to accommodate any other power forms.

**Any appliances not listed here will NOT be permitted to be used during the   festival. Generators are not permitted.**






    (please also indicate voltage used – 120 or 240)




















Total Power Requirements (in watts): _______________________


*note: calculations to determine wattage can be used with the following formula: 

Wattage = Amperage X Voltage 

Example: for a 10A 120V appliance 10A X 120V = 1200W



3.) Will you be using propane? 



4.) Will you require reefer space/storage?



5.) Booth - Please provide photos or a sketch of intended structure and indicate dimensions, including total frontage required. Prior vendors also need to complete this section - please do not assume that we know what your set up looks like.


If you are applying with a truck or trailer, please indicate driver’s side of vehicle and details about tow vehicle if applicable.


Use this space to draw the footprint and layout of your booth, or you can attach your illustration or photos separately. Remember to indicate measurements, including any hitches, doors, or other structures you plan to use – we need to see what your overall footprint is.


































6.) Please use the following space to provide a brief history of your concessions experience:









7.) Please provide a short paragraph about your business or menu – this will help us with providing a description on our website/program book/app if you are accepted.









Deadline: Completed application forms including booth photos/sketches must be received no later than Friday March 15 at 5pm in order to be considered. If you have any questions, please contact communications@edmontonfolkfest.org or call (780) 429-1899.


The application package can be scanned and emailed, mailed directly, or dropped off in person.


Email: communications@edmontonfolkfest.org – if emailing, please include all attachments in one email if possible.

Mail: The Edmonton Folk Music Festival  Attention: Muffy McKay Food Vendors

P.O. Box 4130,

For office use only: Date Rcv’d ______

Initial _______


Edmonton, AB.                          

T6E 4T2


In person: 10115 - 97A Ave.

Monday - Friday, 10:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.

Our office can be lightly staffed this time of year.

Please call ahead to make sure someone is in the

office before dropping off. We do have a mailbox at

the office for drop off as well, if outside office hours.

Application Checklist

Please ensure you have included all of the following info as requested

(please check):


All necessary contact information including phone numbers, email,  website, and social media handles


Accurate appliance list with power requirements broken down by appliance


Accurate menu list with pricing and dietary considerations


Detailed booth sketch and/or photos – must indicate entire footprint, including layout of booth and all measurements of full concession. If applying with a food truck or trailer, please indicate tow vehicle and driver’s side as well.




I understand that my application will not be considered unless all of the above is enclosed at the time of initial application.


Signature of Vendor _______________________  Date:  _______