The Hill at Home

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Thank you for joining us for a weekend of music, song, food, and art at home.

Much of our Hill at Home content is still available to enjoy!

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The Edmonton Folk Music Festival respectfully acknowledges that the land on which we gather is situated on Treaty Six Territory. For thousands of years, the Edmonton river valley has been a Pehonan, a traditional meeting and gathering place for Indigenous Peoples. We honour and respect the history, languages, ceremonies and culture of the First Nations, Métis, Inuit and Non-Status Aboriginal Peoples whose presence and culture enrich our vibrant community. We are all beneficiaries of this longtime Indigenous philosophy of peaceful cohabitation, between the earth, the animals, and all humans. We all have a responsibility to one another and this land.

The Edmonton Folk Music Festival Society endeavours to provide a culture of safe space for all, including marginalized and vulnerable segments of our population. It aspires to put on a leading folk music festival while embracing a vision of inclusivity. The EFMFS will nurture safer spaces where all people regardless of sexual orientation, gender identity, gender expression, race, ethnicity, religious belief, ability, colour, or other personal characteristics should feel safe, welcome and valued.

Please stay safe and follow Alberta Health Guidelines for gatherings if you’re getting together with friends for The Hill at Home.  Current guidelines can be found here 


Listen to EFMF Spotify playlists, browse YouTube catalogue of fantastic festival memories.

We hope you enjoyed Brandi Carlile and Hozier's concerts. Our YouTube channel is filled with great content, including highlights from past festivals that you can enjoy anytime. 

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Our Spotify channel is loaded up with playlists that will make you dance, relive past line ups, and enjoy the best of the fest.

Our YouTube channel is loaded up with festival highlights and reels. Find some of your favourite festival memories.



Four Strong Winds Finale

The Edmonton Folk Music Festival would like to send a big thank you to Jim Cuddy for generosity, talent and Folk Fest spirit. Visit Jim Cuddy's website

We would also like to thank everyone who took the time to contribute video submissions, joining us in spirit and song, helping to keep the tradition alive. E

very year at festival time, we wrap up an incredible 4 days of music and community by singing Ian Tyson's Four Strong Winds together on the hill at Gallagher Park, filled with memories to carry us through to the next festival.

We love our Volunteers!

We’re still together, even though we’re apart. Create your own Festival Kitchen inspired meals all weekend!

Watch a livestream on our Facebook page, Friday, August 6 at 9:00pm as our wonderful volunteers hold a Festival Lantern Parade for us to watch from home!

Volunteers - check your volunteer newsletter Songlines for news.

Lantern Parade


Luis Ballester • Wendy Bit • Gerrit Bjalek • Dubhe Boloix • Louise Booker • Caroline Cheng • Keri Clark • Irene Cooney • Jeff Cruickshank • Andrew Currie • Jill Day • Donna Dempster • Nicole Donovan • Thea Donovan • Steve Edgerton • Colleen Emmott • Serena Ewasiuk • Lachelle Farris • Jill Ferguson • Dave Fisher • Lynn Gough • Jamie Guest • Sofia Guest • Michelle Guest-Moore • Peter Guest • Tammy Harris • Chris Hicks • Michael Hughes • Ross Johnson • Jordan Johnson • Walter Kehl • Claire Kosowan • Eric Kozakiewicz • Kate Kozakiewicz • Tara Langan • Brenda Leszczynski • Maya Lindell • Marilyn MacGillivray  • Lynette Maurice • Gordon McClure • Cam McCormick • Kathy Morin • Shelley Morrison • Stuart Muir • Cassidy Munro • Eden Parker • Diane Piche • Lorie Schutta • Bridget Stirling • Hitomi Suzuta • Patti Szkwarok • Melody Yee • Janis Zalitach • Cindi Zuby



Recipes from the Festival Kitchen

Dear Folk Fest family and friends

In the absence of this year’s Folk Festival, the Festival Kitchen has lovingly compiled menu ideas based on past recipes. These recipes are among my personal favourites and those that have been requested by volunteers and festival guests. One quality that they have in common is the simplicity of the steps. This way, you can recreate some of the Festival Kitchen favourites while at home.

Throughout the weekend, our Festival Kitchen volunteers prepare these dishes in large quantity; some of these recipes have been served to 2500-3000 folks! As always, most of the ingredients are not only affordable, and in season but also locally sourced so they can feed the hearts of our festival. With this in mind, we have adjusted these recipes for your family and friends gathering.

Please feel free to contact us by email if you have questions or would like to request a recipe not included in this small collection.

Happy cooking and bon appétit!

Stephane Levesque, Festival Kitchen Manager