Schedule Changes EFMF 2015

We are pleased to announce that Sam Amidon will be added to the line up, to replace the Wind and the Wave. As previously announced, Frazey Ford will be taking the place of Sinead O’Connor on the Friday night Mainstage.
These changes necessitated some shifting of schedules which has now been updated on both the website and the App.
Schedule change details are as follows (artist changes in bold):

Friday, Main Stage 9:05pm – Frazey Ford (formerly Sinead O’Connor)
Friday, Stage 6 at 7:20pm – Magical Moments
Bear’s Den
Jenn Grant
Danny Michel (formerly Frazey Ford)
John Smith
Saturday, Stage 6 at 11am – A Day In The Life
Jenn Grant
Mohsin Zaman (formerly The Wind and the Wave)
Good for Grapes
Saturday, Stage 6 at 3pm – New Frontiers
Frazey Ford
Lord Huron
Sam Amidon (formerly The Wind and the Wave)
Eddie Berman
Sunday, Stage 7 at 1:05pm – Concert – Sam Amidon (formerly The Wind and the Wave)
Sunday, Stage 6 at 4:30pm – Concert – Monica Heldal (formerly Frazey Ford)
Sunday, Stage 6 at 5:45pm – The Song Remains The Same
Matt Andersen
Sam Amidon (formerly The Wind and the Wave)
Brandi Carlile
Gregory Alan Isakov
Time changes on stage 7 due to Monica Heldal moving to another spot:
Sunday, Stage 7 at 4:25pm – Concert – Calvin Vollrath
Sunday, Stage 7 at 5:45pm – Concert – Leo Bud Welch