Harvard Broadcasting, 95.7 CRUZ FM Emerging Artist Award

The Edmonton Folk Music Festival is pleased to announce the winners of the Harvard Broadcasting, 95.7 CRUZ FM Emerging Artist Award.
This award is offered to encourage the development of new Canadian artists. The winners of the 2015 Award are:
Winner:                Reuben and the Dark     $5000
Runner up:           The Slocan Ramblers      $2000
Runners up:          Mohsin Zaman               $1000
                             The Doll Sisters               $1000
Entrants were adjudicated by a local panel and the winners were announced at the 2015 Edmonton Folk Music Festival at Gallagher Park this past weekend.
“This is a big deal for these new artists and we’re pleased to have the support of CRUZ FM to make this award possible,’ says Terry Wickham, Festival Producer.
To be eligible to a nomination by the Emerging Artists Program, the participant must be a new artist on the Canadian music scene.  A “new artist on the Canadian music scene” is defined as an individual or group of Canadian origin, or with landed-immigrant status, residing in Canada.  Eligible candidates are not required to already have recorded their work, but must have plans to do so in the near future.