EFMF eNews Aug. 18, 2011

Producer’s Message:

There have been many great festivals in our 32 year history, but I feel our 2011 festival has set a new standard for us to reach in future years.

Once again we dodged severe weather. Yes, enough rain on Saturday night to remind us of how fortunate we have been in recent memory, but we dodged 80 km an hour winds and hailstorms.

I was very pleased with the freshness and energy of Mainstage, while the sessions, on the whole, were very special. The site changes worked well and we will continue to fine tune and improve our systems.

We may move to larger tents on stages on Stages 1, 3 and 6 and feature an enhanced sound system on Stage 6, along with other minor tweaks.

We face some decisions. Tickets will go on sale on June 1st but it will not be business as usual. The Folk festival will no longer sell tickets on the phone, though Ticketmaster will. We will concentrate on in person sales at 8am and on line sales at 10 am. Ticketmaster will do on line, in person and phone sales starting at 10am, in sync with the festival’s on line sales.  In person limits have been reduced to 6 weekend passes of any kind. The online maximum is 4 weekend passes. Decisions on the # of weekend passes vs evening tickets have not been made.

The last time we counted the number of seniors it was just over 200. On Sunday, 1025 seniors attended. The demographic shift is evident and growing.

Once again there were no serious incidents to report, thank you.

Meanwhile, if you want to rekindle some folk festival spirit, check out the Jennifer Warnes/Eric Bibb concert at the Winspear on September 11th, or the Colin Hay/Iris DeMent concert, also at the Winspear on Sunday, October 23

It remains an honour  and my great fortune to work on behalf of the Edmonton Folk Music Festival.

Terry Wickham [ Producer ]

Festival Office Hours

The Festival office is open 9:30 – 5:00 Monday through Friday.

We will be closed from August 29 to September 6th.

Lost and Found

There is still quite a large amount of stuff in our lost and found from the festival. The best bet – if you lost an item, and are able to drop by, please do so. Or give us a call (780-429-1899) and we’ll check for you. Lost and Found items will be kept until the end of September and will then be donated or disposed of.