Box Office and Gate Lottery Information


Please note – the gate lottery is not mandatory, it is mostly used by those with very strong preferences for their tarp location.

The gate lottery is not the place for dogs – it is hot and busy – please leave your dogs at home.

  1. Arrive no earlier than 1:45pm on Thursday and Friday and 6:45am on Saturday and Sunday.
  2. Thursday and Friday we will hand out the lottery tags at 2:00 pm until they are all handed out, then do the draw at 2:30  to line up the patrons in order.
  3. Saturday and Sunday we will hand out the lottery tags at 7:00am until they are all handed out, and then do the draw at 8am.
  4. Patrons MUST have their festival ticket, wristband, proof of senior citizen status (government ID), or volunteer badge to receive a lottery tag.  Once you receive your lottery tag, you will enter the ‘corral”.  Once inside, you are free to trade with others.  On all days, patrons must stay in the corral until the draw is completed.  If they insist on leaving the corral they must hand in their lottery tag.
  5. As a note, to keep it fair, the lottery tag draws are done a couple of months in advance then sealed in envelopes until they are opened for the lottery.
  6. As we have shortened the time frame of lining people up you may not have time to leave the line up and come back.  If you decide to do this you must be back at least one hour prior to gate opening. You are allowed one lottery tag for one person and one tarp only. If your friend has a different lottery tag they CANNOT go with you, they must wait until their colour/performer or until the end of the line has gone in.
  7. Gate Crew, who have the wristbands, will be going down the line and exchanging your ticket for a wristband prior to gate opening.  As well, on the Thursday night, the Program Crew will make their way down the line so that you can purchase your program early and get started planning which fantastic performances you will attend.
  8. The gates open at 4:30pm on Thursday and Friday and 9:30am on Saturday and Sunday.  When they open you must have your lottery tag to enter and you will be lead in by a member of our Lottery Volunteer Team.  Set up your tarps, mark your spot and HAVE FUN!!


Box Office Hours:

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