Why you should head to your 2012 Crew Meeting

Hello Volunteers!

It’s that time of year – meeting time! Some of you have already attended your 2012 crew meeting (if scheduled in May or June), however,the majority of crew meetings are scheduled throughout July and early August.

Crew meetings are the best way to find out about updated information for 2012, and as a bonus, you get to re-connect with your crew and coordinator(s) prior to the Festival. You’ll also be able to pick up your 2012 Volunteer Badge and in many cases, your coordinator will have your schedule for the Festival weekend, which means you can start filling in your free Festival time with amazing music.

Your coordinator should be contacting you about your crew meeting, but just in case they haven’t, you can find the 2012 Crew Meeting Schedule at the link below. Unless otherwise specified, all meetings prior to July 20th will be held at the Festival Office (10115 97A Avenue), and all meetings after July 20th will be held at the Production Office (aka. The Edmonton Ski Club 9613 96 Ave). Meetings start at 7pm (unless otherwise specified).

2012 Crew Meeting Schedule

**For all meetings held at the Production Office, please remember that you will not be allowed to park on site. Park in the community, preferably a block or so away from Ski Club, leaving a car space in front and behind you so the neighbours can still park. Please do not park at the south end of 96A Street closest to the Kitchen Gate, or on the one way (96 Avenue); trucks are coming and going from site, and do to tight turns, the safety of your vehicle cannot be guaranteed when parked in these areas.**

Can’t make your crew meeting? Make sure you let your coordinator know so they can get you scheduled, fill you in on details you’ll miss at the meeting and make alternate arrangements for picking up your volunteer badge.

Note to New Volunteers

Hopefully we have already emailed or spoken to you about New Volunteer Meetings. If not, feel free to contact Marianne or Katie at volunteers@efmf.ab.ca for further information.

All new volunteers are required to attend a new volunteer meeting in addition to a crew meeting. This is where photos and, if applicable, security checks are completed. New volunteer meetings provide more general information about volunteering with the Festival, while crew meeting provide the specifics (like scheduling, etc.).

If you cannot attend a new volunteer meeting, please get in touch with us so we can make alternate arrangements. Thanks!